"Vin de la Solitude" - superb heritage wine from Chateauneuf du Pape


Delighted to see that Domaine de la Solitude is maintaining production ( albeit in micro quantities) of their heritage cuvée “Vin de la Solitude” - a tribute to Solitude ancestor Paul Martin who was making wine at the domaine in the. 18th century. The “recipe” is as close to the original as Florent can tell from the available evidence: an eclectic blend of Counouise ( 30%) , Grenache ( 25%), Syrah and Mourvedre ( 15% each) and 10% of white grapes - Clairette, Roussanne, white Grenache. The varieties are co-fermented , entire bunch and the maceration time is long - 78 days. The wine is attactively packaged in a flask shaped bottle with a wax top. Less than 1000 bottles produced and only 100 magnums ( of which I own one!). Bravo Florent!