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Terroir Masterclass at the Chateauneuf du Pape “Printemps” tastings

photo-18.JPGYesterday to Chateauneuf for the Spring tastings and afterward a special Masterclass on the terroir of the appellation: how the different soil types (limestone, clay, sand, and galets roulés) manifest themselves in very different styles in the glass. Fascinating session, very erudite explanation of the soil structures from wine geologist George Truc and a stellar line up of wines, all from the 2006 vintage…the stars for me were the Ogier “Eclats Calcaires”  ( big structure , angular tannins, very mineral) and the final wine chosen to demonstrate the power of the galets roulés the “Clos Saint Jean” ( huge, round, packed with concentrated fruit, high in alcohol but all well balanced) - lovely complete wine and only the base cuvée of this very fashionable estate.

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