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We`ve cracked our shipping issue: introducing WINEFLITE


Many of our past tour customers will know that shipping wine for our guests has been a source of some frustration as vignerons have understandably tended to be reluctant to take on the red tape involved in small export quantities. If you`ve been one of those who have gamely trudged home with a bulging, over weight, suitcase you`ll recall this well! That`s why we are delighted that La Madelene Rhone Wine Holidays has just signed up as a Rhone agent for the Californian based wine shipping specialist: Wineflite. This means that our tour guests can now purchase wine at the domaines we visit, stash the wine in our Vito and we will then look after the entire shipping process until the wine is delivered to your home address between 3-6 weeks later. Wineflite have been in business for more than 3 years and have extensive business already in place with wine stores, tour companies and private individuals in France. They are providing door to door shipping to 15 different countries, the US being their most important destination…the UK is in the pipe line. They offer 100% replacement in case of loss or break in “covering up to $500 per bottle” insurance. We at La Madelene will ensure your wine is securely packaged in purpose made styro packs. The boxes are trucked up to their Paris hub and then air frighted to the US etc.

And whats more its possible to get a 19.6% ( TVA equivalent) discount from our vignerons when using this service as the wine is being shipped outside the EEC…offsetting some of the shipping cost and making shipping even more attractive. We are looking forward to fulfilling plenty of orders this season.

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