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Grenache day cometh……





The First Annual International Grenache Day

Friday September 24th 2010


A day to celebrate Grenache

With wine events around the world



Grenache for all seasons, for diversity and for good company ~

Grenache pour toutes les saisons, pour sa diversité, et comme bon compagnon


–London, 10 August, 2010 — The diversity of Grenache will be on display as restaurants and wine merchants around the world highlight the many complexities and virtues of the world’s most widely planted red grape on International Grenache Day (IGD) - Friday September 24th 2010. 


At the First International Grenache Symposium in June in the Southern Rhone, over 250 top Grenache producers, journalists, and retailers from 23 countries pledged to demand that their local restaurants, retailers, friends and acquaintances make September 24th the day to celebrate Grenache each year.  An international association was created to help promote “the grape you know, you just don’t know it”…. 


A Grenache “Primer” will be distributed as part of a viral email campaign to help train and educate restaurateurs, retailers, kitchen staff, and servers alike in the diverse styles of Grenache and their ideal serving and pairing options – all in an effort to inspire menus, tastings and by-the-glass or other promotions for IGD on 24 September.


Grenache is a remarkable grape due to its broad appeal and versatility. From white to rosé to sweet fortified wines, as light varietal reds or complex blends, it has historically and most famously hidden in blends from regions like Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Priorat – making great wines greater but lacking the “brand recognition” of varietals such as Chardonnay or Pinot Noir.


Grenache remains mostly under-acknowledged in the world of wine – a “supporting cast member” or “the girl next door.” However, the potential for Grenache’s popularity is huge, with its juicy, luscious fruit, warm spice, balanced acidity and supple tannins. An aim of IGD is to create a wave of familiarity and interest so that one day people will walk into their favourite bar or restaurant and ask for a ‘Glass of Grenache’ as they do currently with Pinot Grigio or Merlot.


Grenache is a brilliant gastronomic wine, capable of being paired with virtually any dish (in any season and any climate), due to its broad spectrum of winemaking expressions – truly “the perfect partner.”


Adding a dash of fun to IGD, the Australian delegates to the International Grenache Symposium suggested that loud and colourful shirts be worn on the day by restaurant/retail staff, attendees and winemakers to further amplify the event.


Grenache Day activities around the world will be profiled with successful promotion ideas, sample menus, and triumphant food pairings on www.grenachesymposium.com.   


Contact:  susan@grenachesymposium.com

USA:             Doug@margerumwines.com

France: brigitte@grenachesymposium.com   


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