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A lesson in Lotto

One of those slightly surreal evenings last night – playing lotto in aid of Lily’s school in the village of Malaucene. Earlier in the day we were met with bemusement as we tried to buy tickets in advance- confusing lotto with a tombola, how stupid. The proceedings kicked off just after 8pm as the MC called the numbers from the Marie. Like most of the players we were in one of the 4 bars in the village receiving the event across the airwaves from the Marie and relayed by loudspeakers into the bar. The idea of the Mayor being able to address the village’s drinkers in such an intrusive way struck me as somewhat bizarre, not to mention the sight of 20 or so kids, including Lily,  gambling happily in a bar at 9 o’clock at night. What would the Daily Mail make of it? Needless to say famille Reddaway came away with no winnings…though that could have been the result of trying to keep 10 lotto cards monitored after drinking two glasses of Grimbergen biere de Noel!

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