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Coco is missing feared dead

coa-kitty.JPG We all have  very heavy hearts in our house since Coco went missing on sunday. After extensive searches and canvasing the neighbours we can only fear the worse. The local consensus is that he was taken by a fox or shot by hunters.  It makes me so mad that idiots with shotguns can kill other people’s pets with impunity.  I’ve noticed that other cats who have gone missing have also been tabby. Perhaps it is less easy to distinguish a tabby cat from wild boar.Coco will be greatly missed. He was an extraordinary cat who  has brought us  much joy over the past year. He, and his brother Milkshake, helped us deal with all the stress of moving country and renovating a huge house simply because he was so exceptionally sweet-natured  and tolerant.  He loved being cuddled, loved being involved with people and seemed  very affectionate with his brother.  He was a special cat and I am so sorry that he has gone.From Jude.  

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