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To Chateau Juvenal for a book launch

patrimonie.JPGJude and I were pleased to have been invited by our friends Anne-Marie and Bernard Forestier to a book  launch held in  the lovely grounds of Chateau Juvenalpatrimonie2.JPG The book in question is a marvelous tome  - Patrimoine Gourmand des pays des  Ventoux - a history of all things culinary in our immediate area of Ventoux, and a collection of local recipes and  suggestions of Cotes du Ventoux wines to accompany the dishes. Its beautifully photographed - in Anne-Marie’s kitchen - and name checks amongst many others our neighbour and wine-maker Gely at Domaine Champ long ( who incidentally I see just picked up a 2-star recommendation for their white, our everyday house white, in the 2009 Hachette guide, and deservedly so) and the charming game specialist , the St.Hubert restaurant at Entrechaux that many of our guests will know. 

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