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Taking “The” Telegraph to Vieux Telegraph

Had the pleasure of taking 8 lovely ladies from the Telegraph and Zenith Optimedia out to lunch on friday…sometimes this job is a tough one. At Verger des Papes ( of course, at my usual table) we drank appropriately enough Vieux Telegraph , the 2005 vintage. So well did this number suit the palate of said party that I was press ganged into driving them “off-piste” as it were to the Vieux Telegraph domaine where after a nostalgia inducing media agency style haggle we managed to persuade the owners to flog us a case of the 2005 inspite of their protests that it had all gone or that we would have to buy all their second wines if we wanted some VT. A good time was had by all…..telgroupvdesp.JPGtelgroupatlanerthe.JPGvtinhall.JPG

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